Pandemic Legacy Season 2 Log 2

January 13th 71 AV(after virus)

I haven’t written much these past weeks. I’ve been out in the field with my team from Niflheim trying to get the supply lines back to an operational status. We are slowly making progress. The cold is hampering our efforts to move quickly.

Through my journeys I met the team leaders of the other Havens. Captain Jack is a young man from Valhalla. He really knows his way around the logistics of the Havens. Any time we needed to get somewhere, even on short notice, he was ready with a transport.

Keldris is Jack’s right hand man. A builder by trade, he is working on repairing facilities to use as supply centers. The Hallow Men make him work hard, but he’s the best at what he does and he doesn’t stop trying to build.

The representative from Asgard, Torbolt, was a little odd. He’s really chatty. Makes sense he’s their radio operator. He has a lot of runners helping him rush supplies to the rest of us when we need a little additional help.

While we have a great team of people we were not able to save all the cities from the plague. Istanbul was the first to outbreak,

There was some old notes found in a old lab in Washington DC that gave us a clue about Chicago. Following the route laid out in the notes, we found Chicago. It wasn’t as desolate as we thought and our teams found survivors! I hope we find more, but the downside to that is the more we find the more supplies get spread thin.

Chicago was a great moral booster, but a few days later, a wave of the plague hit and Istanbul fell first. It was hit hard and we didn’t have anyone in the immediate area to get them the needed supplies. We braced for the worst and it came. An outbreak swept accross London killing many of the survivors. The radio line went offline and we’ll need to send a team to investigate.

Before we were able to get to London, Lagos was overrun by Hallow Men and the plague. I was in communications with the other teams and they were seeing similar issue where they were stationed. It was decided it was getting to dangerous and we couldn’t risk being exposed any longer. We fell back to the Havens to regroup. We’ll get some supplies out to the cities in the next few days and head back out to brave the changed world once again.

Sammy signing off

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