Pandemic Legacy Season 2 Log 1 – 71 years after the virus spread

Picture of the Pandemic Season 2 box.

January 2th 71 AV(after virus)

If you’re reading this log, I hope I’m still alive, I’m Sammy and I’m a farmer aboard a Haven called Niflheim. Our leaders have been missing for some time now, and the other Haven’s are concerned as well. We found some records that are not conducive to our continued survival aboard the Havens. With the increased attacks from the Hallow Men we have lost communications with most of the outside world. The only Havens we are still in contact with are Valhalla and Asgard. Continue reading “Pandemic Legacy Season 2 Log 1 – 71 years after the virus spread”

New Real Estate blog

Hello, and welcome to the section of my website that will mainly deal with real estate. I blog about a range of things from technology, real estate, board games, reviews, ect. This section is carved out just for real estate!

Picture of house in a bubble held by a hand.

It will have information about different neighborhoods and tips and tricks. The menu above will also house a real estate section. Currently the only page I have setup is the interactive map I made of all the new construction neighborhoods I’ve been to.

There are many more. If you’d like information about a neighborhood, please let me know!


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Pandemic Legacy Season 2

Picture of the Pandemic Season 2 box.Some friends and I are playing through Pandemic Legacy Season 2 and I’m going to try to do a “monthly” log as told from the characters perspective.  We’ve made it though the first two months. I’ll work on posting the first log this weekend. More to come, fun times ahead!