Pandemic Legacy Season 2 Log 1 – 71 years after the virus spread

January 2th 71 AV(after virus)

If you’re reading this log, I hope I’m still alive, I’m Sammy and I’m a farmer aboard a Haven called Niflheim. Our leaders have been missing for some time now, and the other Haven’s are concerned as well. We found some records that are not conducive to our continued survival aboard the Havens. With the increased attacks from the Hallow Men we have lost communications with most of the outside world. The only Havens we are still in contact with are Valhalla and Asgard.

There was a meeting held with the other Havens and a plan was formed. We will send teams out from each Haven to try and reconstitute communications and supply routes back into the world. There are pockets of survivors everywhere; we need to save as many as we can before the Havens can no longer support us and we are forced off of them.

I was voted as the team leader from Niflheim. I’m pretty scared of what we will find. This will be the first time I’ve even been outside of the relative safety of the Haven.

We’ll set out in 3 days.

Log 2

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