(1) What we store

We store basic browser information such as referring URL, language, IP address, page viewed.
We use 3rd party providers for email, comments. By doing so, we store very little.

(2) Your information

Information you voluntarily provide to us: When you sign up for and use the Services, send us an email, post on our blog, or communicate with us in any way, you are voluntarily giving us information that we collect. That information may include your name, physical address, email address, IP address, phone number, birthday, occupation, location, and other demographic information. By giving us this information, you consent to this information being collected and used per this policy and the Terms of Use.

(3) Cookies

We use a variety of services that post cookies to your PC. These small files allow us to track a variety of things.
Google analytics tracks site visitors to show how they interact with our website. We use this information to better the website.
Mailchimp allows us to keep in touch with our visitors.


Our website doesn’t do anything with “Do Not Track” requests since there is no consensus yet to how to use :

(5) Services used

Mailchimp :

Updated 2017 December 23