WordPress and jQuery

Have you ever tried to make a 3rd party script work with wordpress which relies on jQuery? I’ve been setting up mailchimp to try out some of their features and possibly grow my email database. With this blog and everything I enjoy doing, I plan to utilize this to send updates on what I post.

Javascript logoOne of their features is an exit form. As you move to the top of the window to close the website, it pops up an subscribe form. I like this method as it’s only on exit you’ll be prompted and since you’re about to close the window, it won’t interrupt the flow of the visit.

The issue was it expects jquery.js off the root directory. What I ended up doing was a symlink to where wordpress has jquery located, run this command from your root wordpress directory.

ln -s wp-includes/js/jquery/jquery.js

This will create a jquery.js link in your root directory. Now when 3rd party scripts are trying to call jquery.js it will work!

Once I did this, the exit intent is working from mailchimp. Only time will tell how I’ll like this feature on my site.

The mailchimp link is a rewards link, if you sign up via that link I’ll get some mail credits.

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